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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 28, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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"jimmy fallon" happening right [ cheers and applause ] this morning on "eay today," no laughing matter. the president brings his message. fellow classmates mourn the shocngdeath of auto classmate. and nasa unveils its first classmate. and nasa unveils its first robotic astronaut. ptions paid for by nbc-universatelevision hem low hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. today we begin with making the final rounds. predent obama is picking up all avenues in his attempts to
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get voters to come out yesterday. yesterday his campaign stop was with comedian jon stewart for a chat about serious issues. tracie potts is in washington with more. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the president trying to do everything he can to help his party because quite frankly, the latest analysis is not good. a little bit of inside washington politics here. they're reporting 40 seats could go to republicans this time around as the political report shows up to 60 seats this mornin the "new york tim" is reporting that innocents and women and catholics who supported obama two years ago this time will liky vote republican. as you said, he was on "the daily show" last night with jon stewart defending what democrats have done. >> we have passed historic updatesn historic financial regulatory reform.
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we have done things that some folks don't even know about. >> are you -- are you plan ago surprise party for us? >> a little bit of political humor there. turning to louisiana where we saw yet another debate last night, candidate david vitter admitting in his words that he committed serious sin, referring tohe scandal that he was involved with. his opponent said that's why i got into this race, to bring more ethics back in polics. and i should note this morning that carly fiorina was hospitalized yesterday, is expected to be back on the campaign trail today vying for that senate seat against barbara boxer. a pakistani man was arrested yesterday for plotting to bomb the subway system he though f al qaeda. officials say over the last six
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months he believed he was working with al qaeda to plan bombings at the metro station. it was all a sting involving undercover law enforcement agents. he's being held without bond. officials say e public was never in any danger. in indiana, high winds may be to blame for the tragic death of a notre dame student. the school says declan sullivan was attending football practice on a hydraulic lift when it toppled over. officials are investigating the exct cause, although the national weather service says winds were gusting over 50 miles per hour at the time. we will have more on the wild weath battling the nation in just a few minutes. >> now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. just off the coast o maine, a scuba diver was und water when
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he got dangerously close to an eight-foot-long 300-pound shark. in thisvideo, the shark went near the diver before swimming off. general motors teamed up to create the robonaut 2 which will assist astronauts with tasks. ts robot will hitch a ride on the final space shuttle discovery launch in november. in arizona, ghoulish fun at the pumpkin carving contest. the surgeons were awarded for their creativity. the lungs were impressive. north carolina residents are still picking up the pieces after tuesday's massive storm. the national weather service confirmed at least one tornado packing huge winds and it
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flattened most homes in its path. no fatalities have been reported. however, emergency management officials say there were at least 11 injuries. now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. bill, good morning to you. we'retarting to see just how dangerous this storng storm really is. >> yeah. i think we're up to 42 tornados in the last two days, lynn. and this storm system continues to progress. we shouldn't see as bad of weather today. the only problem is down in the deep south with thundetorms, the tornado threat appears to be diminishing. the storm system is located south of thehudson bay in canada and it's bringing windy conditions to the northern great lakes. the storm system is being pushed because another storm is coming into the west coast. now we're getting into more of a progressive weather pattern where this will move through today. there's chilly air behind it, too, by the way. as far as thunderstorms gohis morning, we have a lot of them
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between central mississippi, birmingham, montgomery. and lib, it looks like the wors of the stor are off to your east and some thunderstorms still in the columbia, south carolina area. as far as temperarewise, one more warm summer-like day this morning from florida all the way up into boston and then all the cold, chilly air back here in e central plains will begin to head your way for what should be a dry and cooler fallish type weather pattern. the forecast for today, simple, tranquil in the middle of the untry and stormy spots are down here in the southeast. that's a look at your forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. lots of great weather, as i mentioned, in the mide of the country. austin, texas, should be nice. 80 degrees. enjoy that because cooler air is on the way. st. louis, that's a fall like day. 56 degrees with full sunshine. that's a cold air mass. friday's forecast is coming up, lynn. >> all right, bill, thanks.
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what's the worst excuses ever heard for calling off sick? yo early morning business headlines are straight ahead. ame one of the world series, and are the cavs a better dooem team without lebron james? you're watching "early today."
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good mornng and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry. here are some of your top headlines this morning. despite persistent accusations, the united nations camp is denying a camp is the source of the cholera camp in haiti. they say no members of the newly arrived unit have the disease. they're taking examples of waste pouring out behind the base toward an infected river system. >> a drug war is taking a record number of victims in
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mexico. suspected hitmen killed 15 people at a car wash yesterday. was the country's third massacre in less than a week. around 100 people have been killed in mico since last weekend. the obama administration is blacklisting more than three dozen shipping companies in europe that are helpng iran avoid sanctions. it's the latest act by the u.s. as well as the u.n. to punish iran'suclear program. and a vacuum compy is hoping to raise awareness about the dangers of blast nick our oceans. they've built five fully functional machines build from trash on beaches around the world. he company says they hope to at least provoke important conversations. >> and now here's an early look at one of your top health headlines on new studies suggest women who take brisk walks have a lower
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risk of developing breast cancer after menopause. researchers found women who scheduled at least an hour of brisk walking a day were 15% less likely to get breast cancer than women who walked less than an hour a week. for more information on this and other health stories, check out the health page at >> and now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,126 after falling 43 points yesterday. the s&p dipped 3 points. the nasdaq add 5. taking a look at overseas trading this morning in tokyo, the nikkei lost 21 points. but in hong kong, the hang seng climbed 46. stocks fell wednesday on new concerns the federal reserve plans to buy treasury bonds might bemaller and slower than expected. aders expted the fed would buy between 500 billion and $1
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trillion in treasuries to encourage lending and spending. but a "wall street journal" report says the fed's purchases might amount to a few hundred billion dollars over sever months to avoid what the paper called, quote, shock and awe. materials and commodities were hardest hit. copper andold slumped almost 3%. ak steel dropped more than 3%. meanwhile, a rert on durable goods orders raised questions on the economy's health. the report indicates manufacturing, one of the few economic bright spots this year, is growing. earnings were mixed. visa reported a 50% jump in quarterly profit but shares fell 3% due regulatory concerns. proctor & gamble was up after reporting a profit slip that still beat forecasts. sprinnextel reported a wider loss and shares lost almost 10%.
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one big winner, bank of america, which has seen its shares fall almost 12%this month gained more than 2% topping the dow. merck was the dow's biggest loser falling over 1.5%. and wells fargo admitted wednesday it made a mistake in paperwork for thousands of foreclosure cases and promised to fix them. finally, some highlights from's most unusual excuses for calling in sick. they are they are. my finger is stuck in a bowling ball. iurnt my mouth on thanksgiving pumpkin pie. i'm not feeling too clever today and my mother was attackedby a chicken. those are real life excuses. well, the heat is on. a cavalier attitude in cleveland. and net gains in new jersey. plus, game one of the world series is in the books and the giants handed cliff lee his first postseason lost. your early morningsports headlines are just ahead.
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in weather, enjoy one more warm day in the east coast and a new storm is on f the west coast. your early morning forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today."
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good morning. if you're just waking up, this isearly today." in sport, game one of the world series turned out to be a giant
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surprise. the pitcher's duelveryone expected was anything but. here is nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. good morning. game one of the world sear i ares. the giants could not have picked a better time for an offensive explosion. we go to the board. rangers up early. that scored the game's first run. texas up 2-0 after two. but the giants in the third, the rookie, liner to centr, in case 1 and the giants were just getting warmed up. cliff lee came undone in the fifth. cody ross with a shot that almost took hauf lee's head. barry bonds was loving them. the next batter was aubrey huff. kept it going. another hit, another run. lee lasted 4 2/3. san francisco scored 6 in the fifth and led, 8-2. they scored a ploff high 11 runs and held on to win game
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one. game two tonight in san francisco, c.j. wilson and matt kaine the possibles. . lebron james and the giants, miami up b 10. three minutes in the preseason appeared to be shaking off that rust lastnight. heat won it, 97-87. lebron did what his old team cooperate do, they beat the celtics. they had balanced scoring. six players scored in doub digits. kavs beat the settles, 91-87. devin harris lost the ball, but it went right to anthony moore. nets up, 97-95. e pistons had a last chance. air ball. it took nearly two months for the nets to win their fst game last year. they win game one of the season, 99-88. that's your early look a sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. thanks to a technicality,
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canada welcomes the quades with open arms, kind of. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. plus, he's every mother dream come true -- sort of. you'reatching "early today."
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welcome back. our friends in houston haven't seen much if any rain in the entire month in october.
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this is the first rainfall in nearly a month. it will be around this afternoon. other areas wh a chance of showers and storms today, new orleans, southern areas of mississippi, alabama. in south carolina, we should have a chance of a few storms during the day. all of that wet weather is gone, though, by tomorrow. friday, we have a quiet weather pattern. it should be a nice halloween weekend through much of the country. if you're watching us in boston, mass, lose yourself in a haze maze or enjoyome pumpkins at duly square park. that's your "early today" event of the day. now here's a look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. actor randy quaid and his wife are free for now. they were in custody while canada reviewed their request for asylum claiming their lives were in dnger in america.
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turns out evie's father was born in canada, which qualifies her for citizenship. former baseball player and manager joe torre and actress marisa we at the white house yesterday to bring attention to violence awareness this month. calling it a difficult time for their family, billy ray and tish cylus tells "people" magazine they are divorcing after 17 years of maiage. finally, taylor swift meet taylor swift. this is a wax likeness that wears a dress donated by her life like counterpart. i didn't know they normally wear the same dress. >> who looks better? >> who wore it dress? >> yeah.
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>> i think the real life one. the curls weren't dramatic enough. what do you think? >> i thought it looked pretty good. i'm going with the wax statue. >> i'm sure taylor swift would appreciate that. and this comes to us from kxas nbc 5 in ft. worth, texas, where one mother delivered a huge bundle of joy. while mom was recovering, the pud father and baby sister were eager to show off the new baby, all pounds of him. that's right, 13 pounds. what is remaable is that baby justice is three weeks premature but almost twice the size of the arage newborn. and dad put it all into perspective saying whatever he wants to be, he's certainly got a jump start. that's true. i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station.
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4:28 is the time now. 67 degrees. low fog hangingover the city this morning. we are going to get the forecast from tom coming up. good morning toyou, i'm joe. >> a virginia man is behind bars this morning planning to bomb four metro stations. the four targets were the courthouse, arlington cetery, pentagon city and the metro stations located near the
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pentagon. tracie wilkins joins us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as folks come to the metro station, it's going to have a chilling eect on them to think for more than a year, there's been a man studying this and other metro stations here in virginia. they say he was terror plotting. it's what he was charged with. these images taken by a neighbor of his show the fbi scene as they go into farooque ahmed's home. ahmed, a naturalized u.s. citizen was planning to kill americans. he wanted to setff four metros, crystal city, the courthouse, arlington cemetery. he chose those stations because


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